freezing cold days
clouds enveloped the mountain tops
be enveloped in thick/dense smoke


…was lost in a thunderous burst out of applause
Cheers erupted from the crowd.


When the soft wind blew through hair, all our worries were gone.

Colorful wild flowers were like a picturesque blanket covering the wild.

A breeze blowing, the river is sparkling, like countless pearls and diamonds dancing on the water.

Clusters of stars decorated the profound sky,weakly shining in the moon-eclipsed darkness.

Moon light filtered into ... through the soft and green shades of cherry trees.

The darkness was like a roaring monster, ready to swallow me.

Setting sun rays, reflected mom's hair with rosy clouds, spreading to horizons.

Splendid fireworks were displayed in the starry night.

The green shoots of ... sprouted (up/out).

The tender bud stretches out its first leaf in the morning breeze, filling the air with its pleasant fragrance.

The two trees were standing against the furious waves , like two powerful security guards.

The moon shed its silver light on the mountain ridges.

The snow felt crispy and crunchy under our feet.

The air was piercing cold.

Night enveloped the peaceful village.

The wind on such a tranquil winter night was quite biting.

In the distance, the flames of the bonfire danced in the darkness, piercing the thick layers of leaves.

Clusters of stars sparkling on the tranquil night, the moon shed its silver light on the track of the forest, showing us the way forward. Harsh wind kept soaring beside us and rubbed my fur.

The path wound its way in the woods, where I could hear clearly the crunch and the rustle of the wind.

A tiny star stabbed into the dark with a whooping sound. It exploded at the highest point, turning into thousands of even more shining stars and lit up the whole world.

Out there lay dozens of wooden houses, aromas of food and songs of joy wafting in the air.

It was the first time that I had seen such a spectacular sight-the fireworks blossoming in the night sky.

Night enveloped the peaceful village

The garden is perfumed with the smells of jasmine.

turning into thousands of even more shining stars and lit up the whole world

Salty sea water surged into his mouth, making him choked.

Walls of waves rushed towards them.

Another wave came with terrifying speed and force.

The sea was all around.

神态 脸部 整张脸

squeeze out/force a smile
face turned pale
The frown gathered on his face, showing his displeasure.
Her face lit up with joy.


Eyebrows knitted
screamed with a light of childish excitement flickering in her eyes
His dark eyes danced with pride and excitement.
cheeks/eyes were burning with anger/shame
Teary eyes…as if to ask for her mercy
eyes popped out
Gaze at sb with friendly interest


His jaws dropped


blur her vision
wept/sobbed bitterly
heard sb’s/the miserable cry
Tears streamed down the cheeks.
let out a miserable cry


Exhausted as she was,…
He collapsed into the chair, wrinkling his forehead up
lose one’s consciousness and go faint




beam at sb

a big smile cracked her face

The joy was robbed from him.

Children chased each other, laughter lingering in the woods.

Their infectious laughter and the harmony kept us spellbound.

Dancing around the fire, everyone was wearing an radiant smile.

Bubbling with excitement

breathe a sigh in relief

心理 心情 出乎意料

his mind went blank
Never have I …/Never in his wildest dream had sb…


A sense of guilt swept her over.
Overwhelmed by exhaust/sadness/joy, he…
Shock/Surprise/Excitement took hold of sb
a ripple of content/excitement/fear pass through him
…take sb by storm…


He was overwhelmed by great despair.
a nightmare for sb
Enveloped in despair, he tried to grab the tiny hope of survival.
a mixture of fright and eager for survival
A mixture of fright and despair envelop them.


So angry was he that…
his eyes was burning with anger
erupt into fury


feel left out/isolated (from)
suffer a great disappointment


Her heart was beating wildly/nearly missed a beat.
stimulated our nerves and filled us with thrill
My heart was pounding madly.
My blood boiled.


Sally gazed, her heart aching at the thought of …
tear her heart
There was something biting at me in the corner of my heart.
My world shattered
feel insulted
bitter pain


They smiled in tears.
come to one’s comfort
immersed in the atmosphere
It’s hard to resist the temptation.
Stupidly think/underestimate/undervalue
They felt blessed with having the two trees.
He regained courage and strength.
sth slipped one’s mind
Our souls were purified.
He glanced back towards his comfortable and warm bed and had to collect the very last ounce of strength not to head back into its hug.
We were immersed in the pure ecstasy brought by running freely in the woods.
Excitement and warmth surging inside me, I exceptionally cherished the moment, hoping that we could run together every snowy night.
Yet so curious and thrilled was I about our adventure that I could care less about that.
He has rarely display any sign of emotion.
My heart racing, my ecstasy was far beyond description.
It dawn on me that…



throw/cast a hateful/… look
Uncle Louis winked at us.
with head buried in arms
lowered one’s head


draw near
hug (embrace)
rest the hand on one’s shoulder
embrace sb
clenched her fists tightly
forced the door open
stretch as possibly as he can
took …with trembling hands
elbow one’s way through crowd
They extended arms to embrace each other.
Hand sb a bunch of carnations/lilies/jasmines
He grabbed a branch and climbed up the tree.
shrug one’s shoulders


hop out,
kneel down
tiptoe into
stand on tiptoe
kneel down/knelt
leave/walk at leisurely and merry paces
Tim paced back and forth, stamping his feet anxiously
Frozen with fear, I stood rooted to the spot.
His knees began to shake, yet he stood straight
stand there tongue-tied
stand glued to the spot


Out came/dashed/rushed Mrs. Willow.
bump into
spring into action
comb the room for sth
be rushed to the hospital
race out
Uncle Louis stopped abruptly, indicating that we had reached the destination.
After a long run, we all panted heavily when a vague orange glow came into sight.


curl up
lean against the wall
collapse into the sofa
Father stopped abruptly and I bounced up in shock.
It took every bit of his strength to swim toward the tree where his grandpa was.
She was enveloped in flames and smoke.
I bent down to pick it up, tears wetting my eyes.


He floated up and down in the water.
It took every bit of his strength to keep his head above the water.
Finally his head popped out of the water.
He was carried/drifted farther and farther away.


However, Uncle Louis stopped us, signaling us to look up.
However, Uncle Louis stopped us, signaling us to look up.


utter a word
make no voice
lowered her voice
portray sth with descriptive words
say in an apologetic tone
There came to …sb’s…voice
picture the scene
His voice was like a gentle stream, flowing across my heart.
words failed me
His mouth was too dry to speak. He wetted his lips and said,….
rough voice broke the silence


let out a cry
We yelled at the top of our voice, yet it seemed fruitless .


The bird struggled weakly.
Occasionally Uncle Louis let out a howl, reminding us to keep the right track.
Immersed in this unusual and exotic atmosphere, I marveled at the scene. Seeing my reaction, Uncle Louis beamed, putting his paw on me.
The bird hovered over her, its wings shiny and intensely alive.


Day in and day out
in one’s leisure time
after what seemed to be a long century
Time seemed to stand still, though we were probably there for a while.


It dawned on me that we couldn’t judge a book by its cover.
convinced me that hope… was held at the other side of pain/…
Nothing is more precious than a friend’s genuine smile.
It is his devoted love/enthusiasm to life that portrayed an everlasting rainbow in his heart.
Next time…, I will….,not just for society, but for our souls as well.
To tie the connection again, to unwrap one’s trouble, and to shape one’s life. These moments, in turn , also shaped me.
I received the gift of being part of this process----the connection between humans, which are magical for both the receiver and the giver.
It shows that persistent effort always brings about reward even though it may not be in the form we had first expected.
The fear and self doubt that had controlled my life were completely worn away.
The peaceful world is meant to be shared by all creatures.


Looking back, I feel blessed that…
bring humanity into the world
Everything/ The world was at an end.
As expected/planned
It seemed fruitless.
All hope was not lost.
Luck stayed with him.
Mum’s words still rang in my ears